Wedding & Marriage Ministries


Pre-marriage Counseling & Pastoral Services

Marriage is a holy covenant that was designed by God to bring a man and woman together for life. We believe that every couple that is about to be married should go through pre-marital counseling. The pastors of our church provide this service and we partner with other local ministers in the area for this important preparatory time as well.

When it comes to the marriage ceremony our church holds to the view that this should be a time of worship and honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our pastors are available to advise on the design of a marriage ceremony and perform the marriage ceremony as well.


Wedding Facilities

You have a choice of two venues in which to hold your sacred ceremony at First Baptist. Our main sanctuary is large and has up-to-date lighting and sound technology.

We also have a historic stained glass chapel. This space is smaller for a more intimate ceremony.

Contact us for more details or to drop by for a visit. Check out our photo gallery for more images of the venues.


Wedding Policy

Our Wedding Committee has a set of policies to guide you through the planning of your ceremony. The costs, expectations, and all the details are included in their policy. You can access it by clicking on the button below.

In addition, Event Planning Forms must be completed to request the use of the facility. Check out our resources page to access the Event Planning Form.